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Project Description
LibGrafix is a C++ DLL that contains several classes useful when developing computer graphics applications, particularly OpenGL applications, in the Windows environment. It also includes a class that loads and displays the ModelX format exported by the XNA Model Viewer program.

Over the years I have found that there are certain things you need to create OpenGL graphics programs and have build a library of files. This DLL captures many of those files so others can use them. The classes provided by this DLL are:
  • CGrVector - Simple 4 element homogeneous coordinate and vector storage and manipulation.
  • CGrTransform - Simple 4x4 transformation matrix storage and manipulation.
  • CGrImage - Simple class for storing and manipulating images.
  • CGrTexture - Class for storing images used as OpenGL texture maps.
  • CGrSphere - Definition of a sphere
  • CGrModelX - A reader and display program for the custom ModelX format exported by the XNA Model Viewer

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